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Monday, September 11, 2017

Welcome to The Virtual Village

Welcome to The Virtual Village. My name is Chad Roth and I am an IT Systems Administrator currently working for an SMB and pursuing my VCP6-DCV (my first VMware certification). Being the sole Systems Administrator for a SMB means you need get to wear a lot of hats, usually in the same day. Among all of these skills, virtualization (VMware to be exact) is by far the one I am most passionate about. I mean, who wasn't blown away after their firsthand experience with virtualization technology?

This blog will aim to journal some of the unique challenges one can face when managing a highly virtualized environment in the SMB segment as well as my path to acquiring my VCP. Along the path to the VCP I plan to have a few home lab posts as you follow me in setting up my first home lab. Another one of the main reasons for starting this blog, and is also what the name of this blog pays homage to, is the VMware and virtualization communities. After a local VMUG was started in my area a little over 2.5 years ago, my eyes were open to the importance and awesomeness that is The Community. VMUG leaders and numerous VMUG members are some of the driving forces for motivating me and giving me the confidence to start this blog. More on my feelings about the importance of community in my next blog post. "It takes a village..."

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  1. hey Chad, i landed on your blog by accident :)
    good luck on your VCP, maybe you can share your learning plan , lab config, documentations and so on, for others who are pursuing this certification